BORN IN 1980, SÃO PAULO – SP, BRAZIL / / +55 11 994391778/ @carlosborsa

Visual artist, who currently works as a painter specializing in oil painting, also works as a freelance illustrator and as a drawing teacher using different digital platforms.



Curriculum PDF format available for download - English version  /  Portuguese version




- Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and Urbanism – University Center of Fine Arts of São Paulo. Conclusion of the Course in December 2018.


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- History of Art Course at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture MUBE, taught by Professor Carlos Eduardo Riccioppo, São Paulo SP, Brazil / Course period from October to August 2017.
- Melies 3D Film and Animation School, Sculpture, Drawing and Concept Art Course, São Paulo SP, Brazil. / Course period from January to May 2008.
- Watercolor course taught by Chilean teacher and artist Gonzalo Cárcamo, São Paulo SP, Brazil. / March 2008.
- Oil Painting and Realistic Drawing Course taught by the visual artist and Professor Maurício Takiguthi, São Paulo SP, Brazil / Course period from February 2004 to December 2008.
- Comic Drawing Course at IHQ Institute of Comics School, São Paulo SP, Brazil / Course Period from May 2000 to August 2002.


Mastery of Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, AutoCad, Windows Office and WordPress.
Mastery in varied painting techniques includes the use of varied materials, such as oil paint, acrylic paint and watercolor painting.
Mastery of drawing techniques (anatomy, architecture, etc.) covering the use of various materials such as Charcoal, Contè Pencil, Graphite, Ballpoint Pen, Nankin Pen and Dry and Oily Pastel Chalk.


Professor of drawing and illustration at IHQ school, responsible for the online course in Comics from February 2021 until to the present time.
Creator, producer and online teacher of the “Realistic Classic Design” course, launched in October 2020 on the teaching platform Hotmart Sparkle and available till the present time.
Visual Artist specialized in the language of painting, working since 2015 until the present moment through the realization of individual and collective exhibitions within cultural spaces, art salons, art galleries and museums.
Freelancer illustrator, specializing in drawings for advertising campaigns, Storyboard drawings, Concept Art, Comics and illustration for the Publishing art market. Work since 2006 until the present moment, developing illustrations for advertising agencies, video producers, film producers, animation studios and book publishers.
Drawing teacher at the IHQ school, responsible for the comics drawing course for children aged 6 to 14 years old. Course period started in March 2001 and ended in December 2004.


- Volunteer work for the Makers Against Covid project. Duration of volunteer work: 2 months, starting on April 7th and ending on June 7th, 2020. Participation aimed on the sake of health with the development of illustrations, focused on the creation and dissemination of digital content. The Makers Against Covid project is an action carried out by a group organized through a network of volunteers, focusing on the production of Face Shield for hospitals during the covid-19 pandemic in São Paulo. In the first stage of the project, more than four thousand face shields were delivered to various professionals, and currently, the campaign seeks to produce a prototype on an industrial scale.- -

-Creation and production of the documentary in a short film format entitled “Vozes do Paraopeba” (Voices of Paraopeba), developed between August and December 2017. The short portrays the actions of the Elderly Choir from the city of Piedade do Paraopeba, Minas Gerais, to keep alive and operating the songs of the community, in addition to diversifying the cultural activities of the locality. Subsequently, the project had the consultancy of Professor Paulo Castagna from University UNESP, through the nomination to the Archival-Musical Heritage of Minas Gerais, which will serve as the future repertoire of the choir.Documentary - “Vozes Do Paraopeba” Archival-Musical Heritage of Minas Gerais

- Project “Bixiga para Crianças” (Bixiga for Children). Participation in the development of the architecture project focused on the revitalization of the Square Dom Orione, located in Bixiga neighborhood, São Paulo – SP. The project attended the needs of the children from the association “Novo Olhar” and the Lumiar School. The project was developed throughout 2016 under the supervision of Professor Débora Sanches, at University Center Fine Arts of São Paulo.


Acting as a visual artist:
I use the duality between opposites, (Light and Dark, Liquid and Concrete) and with this an identity based on existentialist thinking is created.
In my artworks, existentialism is structured around the idea of duality; I bring references based on various artistic movements, including expressionism, baroque, classicism and abstractionism. In the plasticity of my art, I work with the concept of contraposition that takes place in two moments: through the expressionist brushstroke, opposing the classicist brushstroke; and through the opposition between the supports used in the work and the executed painting.
Acting as a teacher:
I bring an art teaching methodology structured in the development and completion of medium and short goals, where practice and repetition become the means to achieve an artistic identity in the long term.
My inspiration unites the classical foundations of artistic education combined with a contemporary language, where the students' motivation seeks to overcome the difficulties present at each stage of learning.
Acting as an illustrator:
I have as a working method the focus on the search for simplified solutions. This striking feature in my illustrative work brings to the drawings, a great agility where efficiency is based on problem solving, thus reflecting a relationship of trust and transparency with clients for over 15 years.


2020 - Gold Medal, 1st Quarantine National Visual Arts Salon (virtual exhibition).
2019 - First Prize at the 6th Salon of Visual Arts of Mogi das Cruzes – SP (acquisition of the prized work by the Museum Pinacoteca of Mogi das Cruzes)
2017 – Awarded in the “Popular Vote Category”, Contest Reflexão Arte Hoje (Reflection Art Today) – Prized for the work “Micro e Macro”, São Paulo – SP.


2019 - “From Liquid to Concrete”, Museu Casa do Baile (Prom House Museum), Belo Horizonte - MG
2019 - “#MITHOFTHECAVE” Collective Paradox, Zero Gallery, São Paulo – SP
2016 - OMA Gallery Collector´s Club. São Bernardo do Campo – SP



2022 - Collective Exhibition “Rescue with Poetry – Connections & Movement”, Oswald de Andrade Cultural Workshop, São Paulo - SP

2020 - 1st Quarantine National Visual Arts Salon – online exhibition

2020 - 7th Mogi das Cruzes Art Salon. Mogi das Cruzes - SP

2019 - 6th Mogi das Cruzes Art Salon. Mogi das Cruzes - SP


2019 - 26th Visual Art Salon of Praia Grande, Praia Grande - SP

2019 - 06th Compartiarte, UK Center, São Paulo - SP

2019 - 15th SP-Arte 2019, stand of the University Center of Fine Arts of São Paulo, São Paulo - SP

2019 - (R)existence. Collective exhibition, Zero Gallery, São Paulo – SP.

2018 - 5th Compartiarte, UK Center, São Paulo - SP

2017 - 13th SP-Arte 2017, stand of the University Center of Fine Arts of São Paulo, São Paulo - SP

2016 - Collective Exhibition "Photography-Painting and the Spirit of a Time", Ribeirão Preto - SP

2016 - 44th Contemporary Art Salon "Luiz Sacilotto", Santo André - SP

2016 - 12nd SP-Arte 2017, stand of the University Center of Fine Arts of São Paulo, São Paulo - SP

2015 - 40th SARP, Ribeirão Preto Art Salon at MARP, Art Museum of Ribeirão Preto - SP

2015 - 43th Contemporary Art Salon "Luiz Sacilotto", Santo André - SP