80 x 120 x 3 cm 2021 






This series of paintings raises questions about the inability and ability that human beings have of seeing reality, getting close to their peers and appreciating nature in its essence.

The series has concepts inspired by the academic article on botany developed by Wandersee and Schussler, the text is entitled “Prevent Plant Blindness”*, in this article the argument is the lack of interaction and distance between human beings and nature, which generates a disability to relate to the environment.

Using this concept of detachment, the series questions the unfocused way in which human beings relate to reality, which consequently brings the inability of human beings to interact with their peers and connect with the world around them.

In this series the paintings expose in their compositions representational images that are opposed to rectangular and square shapes, these geometric shapes are based on pixelated images with abstract character, and these images are organized within a diagram.

When the spectator moves away from the painting and observes the composition of the work, the pixelated forms cease to be abstract and gain definition, thus transforming themselves into concrete images. However, in relation to the representational image, the opposite occurs: the more the viewer stands far from the work, the more this image becomes undefined and unfocused.

In this series, the abstract pixelated image is undefined, representing the difficulty of seeing the world, becoming with that an image that relates at a distance to the human being, distancing him physically from the work of art.

The concrete representational image is defined, represents the connection with reality, being like this an image that is closely related to the viewer, because this image approaches him physically to the work.

In the composition of the painting, concrete and abstract images nulify each other out through a harmonic balance of forces, and questions arise about the relationship of closeness and distance that human beings have in relation to the reality.