80 X 60 X 3 cm - 2018


In this artwork the artist brings the questioning about the Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, and its relationship in present days. Those two moments are illustrated by the use of organic and expressionists brushstrokes that is opposed to the classicist figurative image.

The painting describes a family with the father taking pictures of his children using the technology, this action creates the contemporary caves where the children's image is the shadow at the bottom of these caves.

The portrait of the family sought inspiration in Almeida Junior’s Family Scene of Augusto Pinto. In opposition to his painting, the artwork "#DIADOSPAIS" seeks to portray the father in the background and the children in the spotlight.

In the painting, the younger the child is, the more importance it has, so that the baby is the center of all the work.

The concept of youth is very present nowadays and has a great prominence and reveals the importance that children have in contemporary families.