#MYFAMILY - OIL ON CANVAS - 160 X 170 X 3 cm - 2018


#SWEETILLUSION - OIL ON CANVAS - 100 X 110 X 3 cm - 2018

#TUTTIFRUTTI - OIL ON CANVAS - 110 X 80 X 3 cm - 2018


#MYEXGIRLFRIEND - OIL ON CANVAS - 150 X 160 X 3 cm - 2018 (Private Collection - Pinacoteca de Mogi das Cruzes)

#AMOREMIO - OIL ON CANVAS - 100 X 150 X 3 cm - 2018


#FATHERSDAY - OIL ON CANVAS - 80 X 60 X 3 cm - 2018



Within the work there is the question about the myth of Plato's cave and its relationship with the present day, where images represent shadows and are generated by humans through the use of smartphones, tablets and computers.

Contemporary caves represent social networks, and at the moment the image is massified, it becomes a shadow cast at the bottom of the cave.

In this series the works are performed using the technique of oil painting on canvas, the works bring references from historical works of art and are adapted within contemporary references.

In the paintings, the expressionist organic brushstroke contrasts with the classicist figurative image, and with this there is an idea of false reality, where everything that is concrete becomes abstract and what is abstract becomes concrete.

The series portrays the human being both opposing the projected shadows and also projecting himself as an image at the bottom of the contemporary cave, however in both scenes, the reality turns out to be false to everyone.