160 X 170 X 3 cm - 2018


Within the work there is the questioning about the myth of the cave of Plato and its relation with the present days, these two moments are illustrated through the use of organic expressionist brushstrokes that opposes to the classicist figurative image.In the work there is the portrait of a family doing a selfie, the grandmother makes use of technology and the child is encouraged to repeat the same gesture done by her, parents amid an abundance of toys contemplate the use of technology being transmitted generation in generation.
The use of technologies today creates the contemporary caves and the image of the family is the shadow at the bottom of these caves.

The cave depicted in the background of the painting has three types of stalactites: on the left and above the grandmother the form of the stalactite has an organic brushstroke that brings the idea of ​​ancestry; the stalactite on the right and above the father has right angles and expresses a masculine force and; to the center the shape of the stalactite is thin and long, stands above the child and symbolizes the youth.

In the work the child portrayed on the toy horse is inspired by the painting of Monet called “Jean Monet on his Hobby Horse”. Like Monet’s painting, the child is positioned at the center of the composition as the main protagonist, his steady gaze shows a strong and fearless girl where all the family need to register such a moment unrelated to their environment.