100 X 110 X 3 cm - 2018


The painting is a still life inspired by the work of the French painter Paul Cèzanne, called "Still Life with Skull".

In the work there are several candies popularly known in Brazil as "dream", on these candies are fixed small flags with varied symbols, which represent the ideologies, political systems, religions, art institutions, technologies, financial systems, large companies and social media .

Here is the idea that symbols, when consumed by people, become the individual dreams of each one. In the composition there is a computer monitor and a cell phone, both project the image of caves.

From this, the idea of using technology today creates contemporary caves, the symbols when consumed and spread through the internet becoming the shadow at the bottom of these caves.

The work is divided into two halves, the top is the freedom of the human being, because there is the representation of a sky full of clouds with a bird. This bird is a free animal, I represented my pet that lives free in nature and always comes to feed in my window.

The lower part of the painting represents the death of the human being, because a dark background with a skull is represented in the image.