62 x 114 x 2cm-2019


The work is inspired by the work “The betrayal of images” by the surrealist painter Magritte.

In the same way as in Magritte's work there is a portrait of an icon, here a sweet popularly known in Brazil as "Sonho".

The representation of the human figure is inspired by the Motion Blur technique, where there is a painted record of the movement through the blurred image of people. This duality of the human figure, both static and in motion, raises questions about time and reality.

The element of time builds the idea of action, in the center of the work the human figure shows a feeling of indecision in relation to the consumption of dreams in the mousetrap, around them several people encourage the consumption of these dreams.

In the composition there is a painting with the image of a dream with the phrase: "This is not a dream". This image questions reality and makes the concrete dream an icon that can also become abstract.

The duality between the real and the abstract in this work is an analogy to the consumption of ideologies in the contemporary world, in which the abstract is opposed to concrete reality.