110 X 80 X 3 cm - 2018


The painting was inspired by the work of the Italian artist Caravaggio entitled "Boy with a basket of fruit".

The paint composition has in its theme the Italian Baroque reference, where there is the classicist theme from the realistic image of the human figure, and the objects that bring the reference of the theme of still life.

In painting the image is structured from light and shadow, the same principle that the Baroque painting of Caravaggio uses, but with less drama.

The image of fruits, flowers and vegetables have organic forms and are opposed to the geometry and materiality of the cell phone, which has in its image the contemporary character.

The painting background brings the current image of the city of Rome, where there is a landscape composed of historical buildings. Here in this landscape architecture resists within the present times and expresses the idea of the unchangeable.

The human figure, when represented using the cell phone, expresses the idea of the work of art as a mass image. The myth of the cave here explored brings the questioning from the need for creation and massification of images, where the use of technologies represents the shadows at the bottom of contemporary caves.