MARAT VEILED -OIL ON CANVAS -110 x 80 x 3 cm 2019 (Private Collection)


BINARY CATTLE - OIL ON CANVAS - 90 x 160 x 3 cm – 2020 (Private Collection)

COLLECTIVE SPECTRUM - OIL ON CANVAS - 130 x 191 x 3 cm – 2020 (Private Collection)

THIS IS NOT A DREAM -OIL ON CANVAS - 62 x 114 x 2cm-2019

HOMELESS MOVEMENT - OIL ON HAHNEMUHLE PAPER - 80 x 60 x 1cm - 2019 (Private Collection)




The series brings the question of what is reality and what is appearance in the contemporary world, where reality is opposed to the individual at the moment when their identity is shaped by the world of appearances.

In this series the paintings on canvas have images based on the expressionist character that are inspired by the photography technique called Motion Blur, these images express the idea of movement and appear blurred. Within the work the images in movement are opposed to images with classicist character that appear motionless.

In the paintings on canvas the images in movement are abstract and deformed, due to that the image expresses a concept of world based on appearances.

Within these paintings, concrete and abstract images annul each other out through a harmonic balance of forces, and with this, questions are born about what is real and what is illusory.

Considering all these concepts the work leads to a thought about the contemporary time, where the identity of the human being is shaped from an imbalance of reality, and illusions prevail over the individual from a world of appearances.